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Get your Space Kit

Ordering and using your Space Kit is simple. Each kit comes with everything you need to simulate real space experiments before you send your code to run on real satellites orbiting Earth.

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Tap into the Ardusat Learning Resources

Documentation, wiring guides, videos, and experiments are all freely provided to teachers to assist in implementing Ardusat in the classroom. We want to get you up and running in under an hour.

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Learn about Sensors

Each kit includes a wide selection of sensors that are the same sensors on an orbiting CubeSat. Check out some of our experiment ideas or create your own - the possibilities for your students are nearly endless.

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Run Experiments on Earth

Use the power of our Experiment Platform to run experiments in your classroom. Try a variety of prebuilt exercises, or create your own scientific study to prove a new hypothesis. Like NASA, give your work a test-run before sending your code to space!

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Send Your Code to Space

After testing on earth, it’s time to take your experiment to space! Send your code to run on a CubeSat orbiting Earth.

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Get Your Data

View the results from your satellite experiment in the Ardusat Experiment Platform and use our powerful tools to visualize, analyze and understand the data. Then, share your findings with the global Ardusat community.


ASE AstroSat Challenge

A hands-on satellite operating experience for select students brought to you by the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and Ardusat.

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