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Launch Your School's Space Program With Ardusat


Order Your Classroom Launch Pack

Start designing experiments in under an hour. Each kit comes with everything you need to run simulations before sending code to satellites in orbit.

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Access Ardusat Learning Resources

Map to NGSS and Common Core Standards. Our curriculum is based on the scientific method and engineering design process, so it’s classroom-ready for you to use.

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Run Prototype Experiments

Follow our curriculum for fast and easy implementation or design your own novel experiments. But first, see what other schools have done.

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Connect to the Experiment Platform

Connecting to the Experiment Platform allows you to stream live data instantly from our sensors. Students can collect data, and share it with student scientists around the world.

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Send Your Code to Space

You’re now ready to send your code to space. We will help you design your experiment and launch your code into orbit on a CubeSat Satellite.

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Collect and Analyze Data

View the results from your satellite experiment in the Ardusat Experiment Platform and use our powerful tools to visualize, analyze, and understand the data. Then, share your findings with the global Ardusat Community.


Featured Experiments

Egg Drop: Parachute vs. Bubble Wrap

Which egg drop generates less g-force?

High Altitude Balloon Temperature

Investigate changes in temperature vs. altitude from a high altitude balloon

ASE AstroSat Challenge

A hands-on satellite operating experience for select students brought to you by the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and Ardusat.

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