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Take hands-on learning to the next level! Integrating into current curriculum and learning objectives is easy, with standards aligned labs and real-world science tools which teach 21st century skills.

Experiment Hub

Ardusat’s Experiment Hub (or eHub) is a powerful, open STEM platform for inquiry driven experiments. Teachers can browse through pre-designed labs, personalize them, or publish their own. Our classroom management features save you time, so you can focus on inspiring students to become explorers, right in the classroom.

Learning Resources

Ardusat also provides open learning resources to ignite your student’s imaginations and instill an excitement for science, engineering, math, and technology.

Inspiring Discovery

Teachers and students love the easy-to-use, interactive labs. Check out this high-altitude balloon experiment to see how participants investigated changes in temperature vs. altitude from 90,000 feet over Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Interested in seeing how other teachers are inspiring the next generation of inventors, problem-solvers, and explorers? Read More.


A STEM Program Built For Educators

Our interactive content covers all aspects of STEM and is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which builds a foundation for strong science-based skills, critical thinking, and inquiry-based problem solving.

Whether you’re looking to launch a program in a single classroom, a school, or an entire district, the implementation support team will have you up and running quickly. Contact us to learn more.

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Ready To Get Started?

You appreciate the value an interactive STEM program can bring to your class, and we want to make the experience of implementing the program hassle-free.

The Ardusat Classroom Launch Pack provides all the tools you’ll need to get your students designing and running their own experiments. This includes a license for all students, management tools in our eHub, and the hands-on technology tools with teacher resources to get you started. Find out how to implement Ardusat labs in your classrooms and open a whole new world of learning for your students.

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