How far can STEM go?

An education experience is more than just what happens in the classroom. Let's follow our curiosity and keep exploring together.

We’ve taken it to space but we think it can go even further. That’s because every curious mind that has impactful experiences with STEM has the potential to go one step beyond anything anyone’s imagined yet. That’s what we get excited about—providing groundbreaking collaborative tools, community and support that are a natural fit in the classroom but can take those possibilities anywhere. We’re here to help make sure the adventure is a fun (and powerful) one.

Our Team

Team 1

Sunny Washington

CEO, Co-founder
Team 3

Kevin Cocco

Chief Information Officer, Co-founder
Team 4

Ben Peters

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Team 5

Ben Neiswender

Director of Learning

Jeff Couch

Director of Sales
Team 6

Maureen Marcoux

Business Development Manager

Duane Johnson

Senior Hardware/Software Engineer

Harleigh Roberts

Space Intern

Jane Coates

Space Intern

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