How does it all work?

We build all of our learning resources with the NGSS and state standards as a foundation. Simply search for labs on the Experiment Hub, to find ones which align with your lesson plan. You can also see what labs other schools have done, personalize an existing lab, or design your own from scratch.

Check out our egg drop experiment!

See how Ardusat can bring new and exciting insights to traditional school experiments.

Students collect live data in the Experiment Hub, and use its powerful tools help them visualize, analyze, and understand the data. They can then share their results with student scientists around the world.

The Classroom Launch Pack comes with everything you need to get started, including hands-on technology tools. Our content also works with components from other providers, such as LittleBits, Raspberry Pi, and other sensor technology.

Find out what your classroom can do with the Experiment Hub.

Learn more about Ardusat's hardware.

Learn about using third-party integrations.