Get Started with Ardusat

Integrating hands-on, collaborative experiments in your lesson plans is a cinch with Ardusat.
Get started in just a few easy steps!


Order Your Classroom Launch Pack

Get the tools you’ll need to get your students designing and running their own experiments, including a subscription to eHub and basic hardware.

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Find Labs

Create an account on eHub and search for labs aligned with your lesson plans.

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Run Experiments

Follow our standards aligned curriculum for fast and easy implementation, or design your own novel experiments.

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Connect to the Experiment Hub

Connecting experiments to eHub allows students to stream data instantly from our sensors.

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Collect Data

Students gather and model live data right in eHub, or export it for use in other tools. If you’re running a space experiment, we’ll help you send your code to a CubeSat satellite and collect the data back in eHub.

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Analyze & Share

Students view the results of experiments in eHub and use our powerful tools to analyze and understand the data. They can share their findings with the other students around the globe.


Implement Ardusat labs in your classrooms, and open a whole new world of hands-on learning for students.